Gryphon SL

Camtek's Gryphon SL is a functional system for direct Solder Mask & Legend deposition by InkJet technology.

Gryphon SL is used to apply the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) solder mask layers, while providing full compatibility with the board surface topography.

Gryphon SL innovative technology uses image acquisition to map the board and its topography, generate the coating layers and compare to the real image while enabling real time alignment. Sending the new image, based on the acquisition and alignment, to the print heads.

The print heads are moving along the board filling the valleys and the pre-defined solder mask areas in layers according to the board topography.

Once covered with solder mask, legend titles can be printed for a complete, digital, one-stop-shop process.

Gryphon SL delivers:

  • Enhanced Performance
  • Short Cycle Time
  • One-stop-shop for SM and Legend deposition
  • Green Technology

Product Highlights

  • Ability to apply solder mask in layers while keeping full compatibility with surface topography
  • Full compatibility between the Material (ink) and the application
  • 100% of material curing for immediate UV curing supporting layers’ application
  • A Dedicated software designed to print solder mask in layers
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Gryphon SL

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