Phoenix HDI

Phoenix HDI, Camtek’s new generation of AOI systems, was designed to support high volume manufacturing of HDI and high-end PCB. It is capable to scan minimum 30 µm line/space width technology.

The system's new optical technology Microlight™ provides flexible light coverage by combining superior image with customizable detection requirements.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art image acquisition and advanced software capabilities, the Phoenix product family has proven exceptional detection combined with a well- balanced, non-critical defects rate.

Phoenix HDI is powered by Spark™ - an innovative cross-platform detection engine.


Phoenix HDI
The Phoenix product family was designed to minimize setup time while marinating the highest throughput and significantly improving production quality and time.

Product Highlights

  • New linear motors for smooth & silent motion
  • Robust structure
  • Automated vacuum table
  • New firmware for image processing
  • Powerful processors to handle HDI PCB
  • Simple and quick setting for new jobs
  • Compatible with front or back L/U automation

Optional Features

FI - final inspection
+2DM - panel dimension stability
+2CD - critical dimension
CRS / PX - offline reference station
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