Phoenix Nano

Phoenix Nano, the next generation of ultra-high resolution AOI,  is capable to scan line width of down to 5 µm. This highly advanced system is designed for the high-end IC Substrates products and is the extension of the existing Phoenix Micro of 7 µm line scanning capabilities.

Phoenix Nano incorporates some of the most advanced optics as well Camtek’s latest generation Spark™ 2.0 software, running on the in-house designed electronic hardware platform collectively called Micro technology.

In addition to its ground breaking 5 µm line scanning capabilities, Phoenix Nano is designed to detect all types of critical defects, both 2D and 3D, on the most advanced IC substrates while keeping low false calls rate and maintaining fast throughput. It can also be equipped with additional 2D and 3D metrology capabilities.

Phoenix Nano

System Highlights

  • New linear motors for smooth & silent motion
  • Micro technology
  • Automated vacuum table
  • Prisma illumination
  • 64 bit based firmware
  • Powerful processors to handle high density PCB
  • Compatible with front or back L/U automation
  • Simple and quick setting for new jobs

Optional Features

+2DM - panel dimension stability
+2CD - critical dimension
+3DH - height & depth measurement
+3DP - 3D profiling
Fi - final inspection
CRS / PX - offline reference station
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Phoenix Maxima

Phoenix Maxima is Camtek's flagship model for IC Substrate market, the minimum line/space width that this system can scan is 10 µm. Phoenix Maxima has consistently been the best performing AOI at IC Substrate manufacturers, allowing Camtek to become the preferred AOI supplier in this market.

Phoenix Inspectify

Phoenix Inspectify combines inspection and verification in one system allowing to perform both processes in one cycle (hence the name "Inspectify"). The system is capable of scanning minimum line/space width of 30 µm and is ideally suited for low-medium volume, high mix manufacturers.

Phoenix Touch

Phoenix Touch was designed specifically for touch screen market and is capable of scanning large variery of products and applications. Phoenix Touch can scan minimum 30 µm line/space width of conductive traces on touch screen panels and is suitable for all types of designs.

Phoenix Extra

The Phoenix Extra was designed for the high-end HDI market supporting PCB technology down to 15 µm line/space.

CVR 100-FL

The CVR 100-FL is designed for verification and repair of ultra fine line PCB panels in main-stream and mass production PCB shops.