Unicorn 300

Camtek latest AVI system is designed for inspection of IC Substrates with line/space down to 15 µm. Unicorn 300 is a multiple resolution system with minimum pixel of 3.8 µm, suitable to scan large variety of materials and designs.

Unicorn AVI systems incorporate all Camtek’s latest technologies that were specifically developed for ultra-high resolution AOI systems, as well as advanced optics, image acquisition and processing hardware and software.

Unicorn systems are designed to meet the most sophisticated detection requirements of highly advanced IC Substrates makers, while scanning at high throughput and with minimum false calls.

Unicorn 300

Product Highlights

  • Superior detection on both metal, solder mask and legend
  • Fast throughput at high resolutions
  • Easy and intuitive setup
  • 4 fully automated magazines
  • Compatibility with CDBIC (Camtek data management software)
  • Reliable and robust mechanics
  • Can be connected to 3rd party automation

Optional Features

Camtek Reference Station (CRS) - offline job preparation and processing
Pegasus Verification Station (PVS) - standalone verification station
Antistatic vacuum brush cleaner - integrated automated strip cleaner
Barcode reader - optional reading of 2D and 3D barcodes
Printer - for printing various job info
Ionizer - optional antistatic device
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unparalleled detection ability on LAM with down to 25 μm line/space width technology.

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