Condor 300

Condor 300 ensures that bumps, gold bumps, micro bumps and TSV meet their tight dimensional tolerances and are correctly positioned as well as defect controlled.
Condor 300 models report bump coplanarity for each die to ensure reliable flip-chip packaging. In addition, they measure each bump dimensional and placement precision, as well as inspect for surface defects. Dedicated detection engines inspect gold bump surface for pits and nodules.
The system’s patented CTS™ (Camtek Triangulation Sensor) measures solder and gold bump heights at micron-level accuracy and repeatability. The CTS broad, angular coverage obtains a precise, stable measurement from a wide range of bump shapes and materials.
The patented CCS™ (Chromatic Confocal Sensor) is an optional submicron height sensor that provides pinpoint precision to verify critical height dimensions.
The combination of CTS™ capabilities, advanced optics and dedicated inspection algorithms allows the most demanding bumping processes to be critically monitored at high throughput.

Condor 300

System Highlights

  • Innovative image acquisition technology to achieve better detection capabilities.
  • Integrated 3D and 2D metrology and inspection in a single system.
  • A wide selection of sub-micron height sensors from sub-10micron gold and micro bumps to high aspect ratio TSV.
  • Controllable and independent bright field and dark field detection channels and sophisticated algorithms enabling best TPT/Sensitivity envelop of performance.
  • Detects dicing-related damage inside and outside die boundary at unmatched throughput.
  • Automatic defect binning and classification.
  • Best-of-breed setup automation to meet high resolution and productivity requirements of pure-play packaging houses handling hundreds of products.
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