Condor 900

Designed for the high production volume environment, the Condor 900 product series is the ideal choice for inspection and metrology addressing the most demanding semiconductor market applications and the emerging 3D-IC market.

  • Targeting the emerging 3D IC market, the Condor 902 offers:
  • Next generation bumps <10um
  • Ultra high number of bumps per wafer (30 million)
  • Bump CD and surface detection 
  • RDL CD and height measurement 
  • TSV post-via-fill protrusions (nails)
Powered by Camtek's fifth generation unique white light triangulation technology

System Highlights

  • Ultra high speed 3D scan
  • Wide field of view camera module for surface inspection and CD metrology
  • Dual arm robot
  • Fifth generation unique white light triangulation technology
  • Sub-resolution detection
  • State-of-the-art Low Contrast Algorithms
  • Programmable color filter combined with dark and bright field illumination
  • Multiple magnifications for the best TPT Vs. detection balance

The Condor 900 Product Series

Camtek's fifth generation inspection and metrology system for advanced packaging and macro defect inspection
Condor 902 - for 200mm wafers
Condor 903 - for 300 mm wafers
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The Eagle-AP provides both 2D and 3D inspection and metrology on the same platform, while keeping extremely high performance and throughput levels.

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