Functional Inkjet Technology for 3D Surfaces

Camtek's Gryphon is a functional inkjet system for 3D surfaces. Gryphon is used to apply the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) solder mask layers, while providing full compatibility with the board surface topography.

Traditional printing on PCBs includes screen-printing and photo imaging. These printing technologies involve high production costs, time-consuming procedures and several production steps.

In today’s competitive PCB industry, where production runs are getting shorter, it is needless to say that cutting production costs and making procedures more efficient and accurate are essential for the PCB manufacturer to remain competitive.


Gryphon functional inkjet system digitalizes the material deposition on 3D surfaces and completely replaces conventional coating, drying, exposure and development processes currently used in PCB manufacturing.

Gryphon SL

Gryphon FIT to Image.
A Functional Inkjet Technology for 3D Surfaces