Flex PCB Inspection

Camtek offers customized AOI solutions for Flex and Rigid-Flex inspection.
Flex and Rigid-Flex applications present challenges that demand different optics and handling considerations during the AOI process.

Camtek’s AOI systems addresses these challenges by utilizing customized optics, dedicated handling and special detection algorithms to enable superb performance and efficient AOI, optimized for Flex and Rigid-Flex PCB Inspection.


Phoenix FLEX

Phoenix FLEX is designed for flexible PCBs of all types. The system's new optical technology MicrolightTM provides flexible light coverage by combining superior image acquisition and customizable detection requirements.

Phoenix R2R

Phoenix R2R has been specifically design for R2R (Reel-to-Reel) process with capabilities to scan down to 25 µm line/space width products. Thanks to its flexible configuration, compatibility with the wide range of R2R automation solutions and both online and offline verification options, Phoenix R2R is currently the best selling AOI solution for R2R PCB market.

CVR 100

Camtek's CVR100 is designed for the verification of all types of mainstream PCBs.