Standard PCB AOI

Camtek offers a wide range of Automatic Optical Inspection products for standard PCB production process steps.


Phoenix Inspectify

Phoenix Inspectify combines inspection and verification in one system allowing to perform both processes in one cycle (hence the name "Inspectify"). The system is capable of scanning minimum line/space width of 30 µm and is ideally suited for low-medium volume, high mix manufacturers.

Dragon Elite

Dragon Elite is still one of the most common AOI systems in the market consistently delivering great value to our customers. It's capable of scanning minimum 30 µm line/space width and handles large veriety of PCB types.

Orion Elite

Designed for High-end PCB and IC Substrate manufacturers at high-volume production sites, the Orion Elite is equipped with advanced technology innovations while taking advantage of the Orion series accumulated, field proven experience.

Orion PX

Orion PX is based on the original Orion Elite platform but is equipped with Spark™ detection engine. This system is capable of scanning minimum 30 µm line/space width and is preferred by customers who are looking to combine scanning and verification processes in a single cycle.

Phoenix PT

Phoenix PT is specially designed for main-stream Large Area Masks (LAM) and artwork inspection. It offers
unparalleled detection ability on LAM with down to 25 μm line/space width technology.

CVR 100

Camtek's CVR100 is designed for the verification of all types of mainstream PCBs.