CMOS Image Sensor Inspection

Camtek offers CMOS Image Sensor manufacturers a high volume environment system with uncompromising detection ability.

Our advanced solutions for the unique challenges imposed by the CIS application, such as pixel size miniaturization and complex production process, are based on our long-term accumulated experience in this market.


• Sub-resolution Detection™
• Dynamic Range Expander and dual illumination
• Dark field and bright field
• State-of-the-art Low Contrast Defect Algorithms
• Thin wafer and re-constructed wafer Handling
• Verification: online and offline


• Advanced processing engines for defect inspection and metrology
• High resolution 3D confocal sensor



Eagle-i s the most advanced system for 2D surface defect inspection and metrology, delivering High volume production 2D inspection solutions for Pre and post-bumped wafers, Probe Mark Inspection, OQc and more.


Designed for speed and accuracy, Camtek's EagleT-i is one of the fastest and most accurate 2D inspection tools on the market.