Camtek advanced alignment and proceeding mechanism combined with dedicated inspection and metrology capabilities address the challenging Fan-out process.
Our system supports surface inspection capabilities and unique metrology information regarding die placement combined with alignment data between layers.
The system generates wide variety of reports, increasing yield and enhance production.


• RDL inspection and metrology
• Inspection of multi-Layer wafer
• Multiple optic setting for all steps and defect types
• 3D height and co-planarity measurement
• Die position measurement


• Camtek unique white light triangulation sensor
• Advanced processing engines for defect inspection and metrology
• High resolution 3D confocal sensor
• Light interferometry technology for 3D



The Eagle-AP provides both 2D and 3D inspection and metrology on the same platform, while keeping extremely high performance and throughput levels.


Eagle-i s the most advanced system for 2D surface defect inspection and metrology, delivering High volume production 2D inspection solutions for Pre and post-bumped wafers, Probe Mark Inspection, OQc and more.


Designed for speed and accuracy, Camtek's EagleT-i is one of the fastest and most accurate 2D inspection tools on the market.