Camtek inspection and metrology solutions for the Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) combines a variety of technologies for addressing the 2D and 3D challenges of the MEMS industry.

Our unique flexible platform supports the MEMS industry wide spectrum of applications.
A variety of handling configurations and special developments are available to support the various wafer sizes and types.


• Full Wafer 2D inspection and metrology
• Surface related defect inspection
• Various handling solutions (for Thin and Tyco wafers and more)
• High resolution 2D and 3D measurement
• Multiple illumination configurations for inspection of various features
• Flexible detection environment for customized application


• Advanced processing engines for defect inspection and metrology
• High resolution 3D confocal sensor



Eagle-i s the most advanced system for 2D surface defect inspection and metrology, delivering High volume production 2D inspection solutions for Pre and post-bumped wafers, Probe Mark Inspection, OQc and more.


Designed for speed and accuracy, Camtek's EagleT-i is one of the fastest and most accurate 2D inspection tools on the market.