Probe Mark Inspection & Analysis

Camtek offers advanced inspection and metrology solutions addressing issues for the inter-connect process in general and especially those related to the probing process.
Our solutions were developed to cover a variety of inter-connect related defects, critical to the end product quality, and provide analysis to enhance production and yield.

Our probe mark inspection offering is an integral part of our general surface inspection suitable for a high volume production environment.


• Detection of miniature passivation window cracks
• Detecting probing process issues, such as probe mark shift, probe mark area, etc.
• Advanced analysis tools, including unique 3D sensor for probe mark depth analysis
• High throughput for 100% inspection
• Variety of reports and charts for process control and analysis.
• Advanced classification capabilities


• Advanced processing engines for defect inspection and metrology
• High resolution 3D confocal sensor



Eagle-i s the most advanced system for 2D surface defect inspection and metrology, delivering High volume production 2D inspection solutions for Pre and post-bumped wafers, Probe Mark Inspection, OQc and more.