Surface Inspection

Camtek Provides a fully automated surface inspection system, designed to support high volume production environment while delivering fast inspection and metrology capabilities.

Our unique flexible platform supports the market's most demanding applications, including CIS, MEMS, LED, OQC and Memory as well as various process steps.


• 2D Defect inspection and metrology
• Pad and Probe analysis
• 2D CD measurement
• High throughput, flexible setup
• Online and Offline Classification
• FAB Automation (SECS/GEM)


• Advanced processing engines for defect inspection and metrology
• High resolution 3D confocal sensor



Eagle-i s the most advanced system for 2D surface defect inspection and metrology, delivering High volume production 2D inspection solutions for Pre and post-bumped wafers, Probe Mark Inspection, OQc and more.


Designed for speed and accuracy, Camtek's EagleT-i is one of the fastest and most accurate 2D inspection tools on the market.