NPI Project Leader

Job Objectives

Leading and transfer products from R&D to production

Major Duties and responsibilities

  1. NPI
    • Lead a complex process – which includes Engineering, Logistics and Testability experience.
    • Work Procedures – Very good written communication skills in English.
    • Working training.
  2. Define and implement production testing tools and jigs.
  3. Support suppliers with design issues.

Major skills and abilities

  • BSc. degree in Electronic / Mechanic Engineering
  • NPI and sustain engineering with 3 years’ experience
  • Familiarity with NPI methodology process
  • Familiarity with HW and Mechanical engineering and design process
  • Familiarity with operations work environment
  • ERP experience (SAP) – an advantage
  • PLM experience – an advantage
  • Product plan manage – MS Project S/W experience
  • Extensive familiarity with the internet and computer
  • Ability to lead a complex process – which includes Engineering, Logistics and Testability experience.
  • Good written and oral communication skills in Hebrew.
  • Very good written communication skills in English.
  • Good oral communication skills in English.
  • Team worker.
  • Logical thinking, Mathematical ability, Creativity, Improvisation ability with problem solution, Flexibility, Design ability, Originality, Methodical thinking, Sticker for details, High output in short time, Thoroughness, Target oriented, Openness & curiosity, Independence, Ability to prioritize tasks.
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Support Engineer


  • BSc Degree in Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering / Computer Engineering
  • One-year experience (or more) as support engineer/service engineer/application engineer/ Process Engineer/Device Engineer in the semiconductor industry on multidisciplinary machines.
  • Willing to travel abroad when it will become relevant (1-2 trips per Quarter).
  • Working with various company interfaces – R&D, Manufacturing, Physics.
  • Fluent English (oral and written) – Must

Job Description

  • Communicating the requirements of customer needs to the R&D, from spec definition to final release to customer
  • Defining product properties – Ease of use, GUI, improvements.
  • New features definition from definition to release.
  • Training and continuous relationship with customers in analysis of system applicative problems
  • Application support/post sale for optical scanning systems installed at customer’s site.
  • Support the global territories technical teams
  • Writing documentation for support and training in English
  • Support new and existing systems abroad
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Application & Validation Engineer

Job Description

The application and validation engineer serve as an interface between the marketing and the R&D, ensuring product requirements are properly delivered from marketing to R&D and verifying the products’ quality at the end of the development cycle, by using advanced analytic tools

  • Work closely with R&D groups including: physics, algorithms, systems engineering, etc.
  • Conduct comparative analysis of the system’s current versus previous generations Build dedicated test plans for new developments.
  • Conduct application validation of new developments.
  • Perform various analysis for the R&D and marketing
  • Work with dedicated tools


  • BSc Degree in Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineer/ /BA degree in applied physics or electro-optics engineering
  • Background in multidisciplinary systems/Optical Systems – Must
  • Background as a process Engineer in the semiconductor Industry – Big Advantage
  • Experience in Validation and debugging- Must
  • Data analysis skills
  • Writing documentations in English
  • Working with various interfaces
  • Fluent English (oral and written) – Must
  • Experience in Excel, data analysis and visualization
  • JMP- An advantage
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Quality Engineer

Job Description

  • Handling of deviations and customer complaint (CC), initiate, follow-up and closing CAPA,
  • investigating CC with the relevant parties, updating CC data and preparing an 8D reports.
  • Filling and handling customer questionnaires.
  • Internal audits and at suppliers: planning, execution, summary, follow-up and closing CAPA with the various parties.
  • Quality, hands-on, administrative and other tasks according to the need and definition of the manager


  • Quality engineer or a combination of electronics / electrical / mechanics / mechatronics engineering with an education in quality.
  • At least 2 years experience in quality
  • Background in the field of SEMI.
  • Mechanical understanding and reading drawings.
  • Course and experience in conducting tests.
  • High human relations and service orientation level
  • drilling down into details, assertiveness and striving for results.
  • Good expressing Ability in Hebrew and English, in writing and orally. Motivation, ability to work under pressure and willingness to work hard and overtime when needed.
  • High level of written and oral English.
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C# Software Developer

Job Description

  • Participant in development of multidisciplinary project end to end full stack
  • The development shall be mostly in C# and C++
  • Lead development tasks through all stages – gathering requirements, planning, performing DRs and full implementation.
  • Design and implement various features on a wide range of platforms.
  • Work closely with System and HW engineers, SW developers, QA and many more.
  • Perform design and code reviews and system integrations.
  • Constant collaboration and knowledge sharing with the SW team.


  • BSc Degree or equivalent in Software Engineering / Computer Science
  • Experience in Win environment, specifically C# – required
  • Experience in C++ – Big advantage
  • Experience in Com technologies – An advantage
  • WPF experience- An advantage
  • Experience working on multidisciplinary products – An advantage
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Electro-Optics System Engineer


  • Work with multiple disciplines (Physics, Mechanical Design, HW, SW) to derive system requirements
  • Proactively integrate new features and capabilities
  • Serve as an interface between disciplines to create coherent and complete Requirements Documents
  • Lead system integration, testing and validation
  • Analyze system performance and lead continuous improvement
  • Develop and implement analysis tools



  • Sc. or equivalent experience in physics / electro-optical engineering / computer science. Master’s in engineering or science – advantage.
  • At least 3 years of experience as a system engineer in a multi-disciplinary environment.
  • Proficient in Matlab / Python. Capable of the development and implementation of system analysis tools.
  • Thorough multi-disciplinary system understanding.
  • Knowledge/experience in image processing & algorithms – an advantage.
  • Knowledge/experience in optics/electro-optics – a must.
  • Microscopic systems – an advantage
  • Clear and effective oral and written English communication skills.


  • High analytical skills and hands-on technical experience in technical design.
  • A strong and proactive team player.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Able to work under pressure.
  • Strong organization skills.
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Senior Algorithm Engineer

What our Algo developers do:

The position Includes diverse scopes of work from innovation through roadmap and short-term features and down to supporting existing capabilities and providing problem analysis expertise.

Comprises multi-disciplinary (physics, mechanics, sys engineering and application) interactions and provides wide exposure to those fields as an integrated part of the job.

May require exciting short overseas travel to customer sites.

Our algorithm developers play an active and leading role in the entire development process – A “One Stop Shop”. From problem formulation through research and development and on to final product implementation within Camtek’s SW and algorithms frameworks. Our unique blend of activities exposes members of the team to vision, data and software tasks, enabling professional and personal growth in various disciplines.

Vision and data challenges span processing, manipulation and analysis of 2D and 3D sensory data as well as (big) Data Sets, while running across a heterogenous (CPU\GPU) complex distributed computing system.

Such challenges cover:

  • Automatic anomaly detection under challenging conditions
  • Classification and filtering
  • Object detection, registration and measurement
  • (Big) Data analysis and manipulation

The core disciplines employed cover:

  • Classic computer vision
  • Machine learning and Deep Learning
  • Image Processing and enhancement
  • Computational Geometry
  • Statistical analysis and modeling
  • Coding: C\C++\C#\Matlab\Python



  • Sc or Ph.D. in computer science, electrical engineering, physics, mathematics or equal
  • Passionate about innovation and keeping in tune with up to date trends
  • Work within a team and mentor others while being able to Independently lead a task\algorithm project, including multi-disciplinary interaction

Vision\data ( at least 3 years of experience):

  • Theoretical and practical knowledge of machine learning, deep learning and statistical analysis and modeling
  • Proficiency with a deep learning framework such as TensorFlow\Keras\PyTorch
  • Familiarity with and understanding of the classic image processing and computer vision field
  • Proficiency with Python and Matlab, including machine learning, machine vision and image processing libraries\extensions

Coding ( at least 3 years of experience):

  • C\C++
  • Matlab \ Python

Appreciated Skills:

  • OpenCL\CUDA\C#
  • Prior Experience from a multi-disciplinary company (optical systems/microscopy, medical, defense, automotive industries)
  • Experience in the semiconductor industry processes and terminology
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PM System Engineer

Job Description

  • Responsible for management and execution of multi-disciplinary R&D projects, targeting Camtek road map and customers’ requests.
  • Responsible for planning his projects and activities.
  • Managing multifunctional teams (Mechanical, Software, Hardware, System and Physics) comprised of internal, external and/or matrix headcount to execute projects.
  • Responsible for technical solution characterization and definition, as well as validation of final solution transfer of knowledge and design to production and service.
  • Interfaces and coordinates with marketing, Operations, Engineering, Production and other disciplines in Camtek.
  • Writes specifications and follow-up on design activity until completion according to plan.
  • Reports to Project Manager and System Engineering team leader.


  • B.Sc. in Engineering (preferred field in Electrical or Mechanical or Physics) – required.
  • Proven experience in Multi-disciplinary project management – required.
  • At least three years experience in developing multidisciplinary systems, combine electro-optical – mechanical systems.
  • Experienced with MS Project – an advantage.
  • Wide knowledge and experience in system development processes.
  • Proven experience from the semiconductor industry – an advantage.
  • Very good knowledge of English (writing, reading and talking) – required.
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Physicist / Electro-Optics Engineer


  • Be part of a multidisciplinary Camtek R&D and product development team working on the state of the art optical microscopy.
  • Develop Camtek next generation microscopy illumination systems and assemblies.
  • Develop Camtek next generation 3D metrology technology.
  • Define, assess and evaluate optical components, cameras, sensors, assemblies. Conduct simulations, experiments and develop final acceptance and test procedures for optical and opto-electronic systems.
  • Assess inspection and metrology needs per customer requirements and work close with leading optical and opto-electronics vendors to develop state of the art customized optical assemblies.


  •  BA degree or higher in applied physics or electro-optics engineering
  • Minimum two years or more experience in the industry
  • Graduated students with a practical background in industry (student work in the field. Etc.) will also be considered (final project is not stuffiest)
  • Background in microscopic system and / or 3d systems – an advantage
  • Hands on experience in laboratory work – must!
  • Matlab capability – required
  • Experience with Zemax – an advantage
  • Familiarity with C# or C++ – an advantage
  • Hands on experience in equipment industry (semiconductor, digital printing, medical, military etc.) – an advantage
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