Work in making a difference

Camtek invites you to work in a cutting edge technology environment and be part of a market leader – join us and nurture your career.
Camtek helps deliver defect-free products by providing first-class, state-of-the-art inspection and metrology systems to the Semiconductor industry. Whether it is your mobile device, laptop or car we are a crucial part of the manufacturing ensuring the most stringent reliability standards.

Excellence is key

Working in a multi-disciplinary environment, involving development and manufacturing, software and hardware, sophisticated algorithms and robotics, physics and creative engineering, requires a high degree of excellence. We invite you to challenge yourself!

Camtek and the community

At Camtek we cherish the community around us and feel both obligated and privileged to contribute to the community. Through our community programs we nurture the next generations of children and youth through significant experiences and exposure to our world.




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