Fostering innovation

Innovation is at the heart of Camtek, ensuring being always with and ahead of its customers’ roadmap, bringing creative solutions and supporting new ventures.
With a comprehensive patent portfolio, our innovative technologies help our customers to significantly improve their yield, the end-product reliability, and ensure that defect-free products are delivered to the market on time.

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Inner Crack Imaging

The detection of inner cracks, or side wall cracks, that occur during the dicing process and are not visible to standard inspection and testing techniques is crucial. These cracks can ultimately cause failure in end-products or mission critical systems, such as in the automotive industry, resulting in significant losses to the manufacturers of the end user devices.

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Backside Inspection

Inspection of the wafer’s backside has become valuable, assuring wafers have not become contaminated with particles or damaged, which eventually results in yield loss.

One of the main challenges of backside inspection is enabling the inspection of wafers’ backside on the same scan without compromising on throughput.

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CAD-Based Inspection

Camtek has developed a unique software solution to simplify the job setup by using CAD design files as reference.

This methodic CAD recipe flow enables to import CAD files (e.g., GDSII format) for Die, Reticle, Wafer and Panel levels and use them as the ideal wafer design.

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Clear Sight Illumination

Packaging applications with multilayer RDLs generate overdetailed images that lead to defect detection with many false calls. Camtek’s innovative Clear Sight Illumination (CSI) technology enables the detection of multi-transparent organic layers.

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Slip Line Inspection

Epitaxial layers are challenging to inspect: The transparency of the layer’s material requires special illumination, the process of fabricating the un-patterned wafer causes microscopic lines, also known as slip lines, penetrating the wafer from its edge.

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Camtek Light interferometry technology for 3D (CLIP)

Camtek’s Light Interferometry Profiler enables fast sampling, high accuracy, sub-micron height and depth measurement. CLIP provides easy and fast metrology of micro bumps, RDLs, laser-dicing trenches, Through-Silicon-Via (TSV), contact pads, gold bumps, probe marks and any other 3D elements on the die.

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Layer Thickness Measurement

Thin layers applied in various packaging process steps require special metrology to assure layer’s uniformity and quality. Camtek’s proprietary layer thickness sensor provides sub-micron measurement capabilities enabling the light interferences to bounce back from the coated surface thus retrieving the layer’s coating thickness.

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Back light illumination

Post dicing applications may require through light illumination in order to easily detect defects which cannot be seen using standard illumination.
Our solutions identifies areas where light fails to pass through the inspected media and translates this blockage to a potentially defective area.

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