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CAD-Based Inspection

Camtek has developed a unique software solution to simplify the job setup by using CAD design files as reference.

This methodic CAD recipe flow enables to import CAD files (e.g., GDSII format) for Die, Reticle, Wafer and Panel levels and use them as the ideal wafer design.

Using CAD design files as reference is especially crucial for wafer designs with fine objects and features, allowing perfect zone overlay on the wafer features by encapsulating the drawings’ most accurate zones of interest.


  • Simple job creation for fast setup by creating the job directly from a CAD file
  • Suitable in cases where chip layouts are complex, eliminating the need to manually create zones for complex objects
  • Crucial for high resolution inspection (X10 or X20)
  • Offline job creation
  • Suitable for wafer, panel, reticle and mask inspection



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