Bump & Copper Pillar

Industry standard for high-volume production of 2D and 3D metrology systems

The semiconductor industry is trending toward increased number of copper pillars with smaller pitch to provide better functionality. Inspection and metrology of bumps is crucial to assure the reliability of the stacked devices, given this new trend, and Camtek’s systems offer the widest variety of inspection and metrology capabilities.

Camtek Eagle-AP is the industry standard for high-volume production of 2D and 3D metrology systems, as well as a leader in inspection technology for bumps and copper pillars. Our systems are used by all major packaging manufacturers for even the most challenging applications.

The inspection of bumps and copper pillars includes discerning missing bumps, bridged bumps, bump shape, and missing material. Another inspection category our systems provide is the detection of surface defects on a bumped wafer, for example, foreign material. Our quality inspection procedures are designed to assure the reliability of the final package.

Our metrology systems can accurately measure all bump types, including copper pillars and gold bumps, at an extremely wide range of sizes. These sizes range from 2µm to 500µm.  We offer full wafer bump measurement for sizes down to 2µm, and our technology can handle up to hundreds of million of bumps per wafer at the highest throughput in the industry.


  • High-volume at high speed, 100 % bump metrology
  • General surface inspection
  • High-volume full or partial wafer bump metrology
  • Bump critical dimension (CD) measurement
  • RDL metrology and inspection
  • High resolution CD
  • Layer thickness metrology
  • Fab automation support using the SECS/GEM interface


  • Advanced processing engines for metrology and defect inspection
  • Rich event classification for filtering true defects
  • Advanced algorithms that enable automatic inspection
  • Camtek’s unique proprietary white light triangulation sensor
  • High-resolution 3D confocal sensor
  • Camtek light interferometry technology for 3D (CLIP)
  • Bump height correction map



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