CMOS Image Sensors

A leading provider of Inspection systems for the CIS market

Camtek is the leading provider of Inspection systems for the CIS market with hundreds of systems installed worldwide and supporting the leading providers of CMOS Image Sensors. Camtek offers CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) manufacturers a high-volume manufacturing environment system with uncompromising detection ability, supporting the growth of the CIS market, driven mainly by mobile phones and the growing automotive industry.
The Higher resolution and smaller pixel size of the sensor area makes inspection of CMOS image sensors very challenging. Our advanced solutions are addressing the unique challenges imposed by CIS applications, such as pixel size miniaturization and complex production  processes, are based on our long-term accumulated experience in this market.


  • Dedicated algorithm
    • Sub-pixel detection
    • Low contrast defects
    • Autofocus pixel detection
  • Illumination
    • High-power illumination intensity
    • Combination of both bright and dark field channels
  • High-quality review image
    • Online and offline capabilities
    • Dual magnification


  • Advanced detection engines designed specifically for CMOS Image Sensors defect inspection
  • High-resolution inspection channel
  • Inner Crack Imaging (ICI)



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