Heterogenous Integration

Supporting HI complex packaging process

Heterogeneous Integration (HI) is the process of combining several devices, sometimes manufactured by different manufacturers, into a single package to boost usability and increase functionality. The process allows for the packaging of components of different functionalities, different process technologies, and sometimes separate manufacturers. The combined devices can come from devices that are distinctly different in functionality (e.g., processors, signal processors, cache, sensors, photonics, RF, and MEMS) and technologies (e.g., 7nm device and 180nm device).

The challenge of HI is to design a complex packaging process that maintains the reliability and functionality of the individual devices or products.

Camtek’s flexible inspection and metrology systems utilize a wide variety of technologies to address the complex needs of 3D integrated circuit development and production.

The 2D and 3D metrology and defect detection capabilities of Camtek’s systems are entirely automated. They adhere to the most advanced industry requirements and aggregate all necessary capabilities in a single platform.

The system includes data analysis tools that enable process monitoring and yield enhancement during HI manufacturing.


  • High-volume full-wafer bump metrology and inspection
  • Layer thickness measurement
  • Alignment between layers
  • Overlay measurements
  • High-resolution critical dimension measurements
  • Surface-related defect inspection
  • Through silicon via (TSV) critical dimension measurement


  • Camtek’s unique white light triangulation sensor
  • Advanced processing engines for defect inspection and metrology
  • High-resolution 3D confocal sensor
  • Light interferometry technology for 3D applications
  • Sub-micron 2D metrology



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