Unique solutions for multi-layer RDL

Process variation, smaller dimensions and multi-layer redistribution layers (RDLs) make inspection and metrology requirements challenging.

Camtek has developed a unique imaging solution to cope with multi-transparent organic layers, dramatically improving top layer image by suppressing the underlayers. Our Clear Sight Illumination Illumination (CSI) technology improves detection of cuts and shorts and significantly reduces overkill defects from layers below.


  • RDL inspection and metrology
  • Inspection of multi-layer RDL
  • Multiple optics settings
  • 3D height and co-planarity measurement
  • CAD based detection


  • Clear Sight Imaging
  • Camtek unique white light triangulation sensor (8th generation)
  • Advanced processing engines for defect inspection and metrology
  • High-resolution 3D confocal sensor
  • Light interferometry technology for 3D
  • CAD based detection



Superior detection

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Eagleᵀ-i Plus

Superior detection

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