High-volume manufacturing at high throughput

The transition toward 5G implementation is dramatically reshaping the Radio-Frequency (RF) technology landscape. With the rise of the wireless communication industry, as well as the Internet of Things, RF devices are playing an essential role.

In mobile communications, 5G smartphones need improved efficiency and wide bandwidth, resulting in an increased number of filters (up to three times the former amount) with much smaller geometries. These challenges require more accurate and, in many cases, 100% inspection and metrology.

Camtek offers dedicated inspection solutions to support the emerging RF manufacturing market, enabling high-volume manufacturing at high throughput.


  • Small defect detection at high resolution
  • Inspection of transparent wafers
  • Handling and detection of Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) and Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters


  • Advanced processing engines for defect inspection and metrology
  • High-resolution 3D confocal sensor



Superior detection

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Eagleᵀ-i Plus

Superior detection

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