Acquire Automation XT

Acquire Automation XT is a fully automated software that carries out the measurement of components, the evaluation of measurement data and the logging of results. Easy recipe creation, multi-sensor measurement or hybrid metrology, compliance with industry standards or complex measurement tasks, are all standard in Acquire Automation XT. With the integration of different robot systems and interfaces for remote control, full integration into production is an easy step.


With the recipe-based software Acquire Automation XT, the fully automatic execution and evaluation of measurements is possible. Select the measurement and evaluation routine suitable for your measuring task from a variety of packages. Different parameters can be set depending on the respective evaluation method. Furthermore, formatting functions (filters) are also available. For recurring structures, a layout wizard with graphical user interface (GUI) can support you in learning the measurement positions. In addition, a sample fine alignment by means of pattern recognition is optionally available.

In the following you will learn more about our focus topics Multi-Sensor Setup, Hybrid Metrology and Defect Inspection.

Recipes, results, export

Not only the user interface, but also the presentation of the measurement results and the evaluation can be adapted at any time and individually tailored to your needs. Different measuring positions on individual components, and also several similar samples in a holder can be automatically examined in one measuring run. For this purpose, different sample geometries can be learned and brought into the correct measuring position via pattern recognition and automatic fine alignment.

Handling, Robots, SECS/GEM

For many industrial applications it is necessary to perform fully automatic measurements with high throughput rates. For this purpose, automatic handling of the samples is necessary. The MicroProf® is specifically designed for the semiconductor and MEMS industries and can be easily configured for different sample types and wafer types.

The handling unit is equipped with a robot arm with vacuum end effector, loading stations for open or closed cassettes including mapper and optional OCR reader, pre-aligner etc. It can process wafer sizes from 2 to 12 inches. Depending on the configuration, up to four cassettes can be processed simultaneously.

Every functionality of the handling system is accessible via the comfortable user interface of FRT Acquire Automation XT and fully integrated into the process flows.

For integration into existing MES systems, an important aspect in Industry 4.0, modules for different interfaces are available. In the semiconductor area we support the SECS/GEM standard for all wafer sizes below 300mm as well as the GEM300 standard from 300mm wafer diameter. Thus, we cover the handling of all common wafer sizes. Additional modules are available for other industries, e.g. for integration into iTAC.


  • Full automation of 2D and 3D measurements
  • Selection of numerous measuring tasks, filters, and evaluations according to SEMI and DIN-EN-ISO standards
  • Easy composition of individual measuring recipes with individual sample geometries and layouts
  • Management of measurement results in database and export to various formats or direct transfer to a tracing system
  • Integration of actuators such as robotic systems for sample handling and heating tables into the measuring sequence
  • Seamless integration into production environments with interfaces for remote control such as SEMI SECS/GEM, iTAC
  • Intuitive user interface with level-based user rights according to SEMI specifications



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