Eagleᵀ-AP Plus

Designed for the Advanced Packaging market, the Eagleᵀ-AP Plus provides unparalleled metrology capabilities, while keeping extremely high performance and throughput levels.
  • Over  60 million bumps per wafer
  • 100% bump height measurement
  • Bump range: 2-250μm
  • CD/Overlay of any object type and size
  • True die shift position
  • EBR metrology
  • Auto setup/calibration
  • Ultra high throughput configurations
  • Height and depth profiling
  • Layer thickness


  • Measurement of bump height, co-planarity, PR/PI thickness with via opening depth and surface-to-surface metrology
  • Camtek Triangulation Sensor (CTS): High speed 3D scan
  • Camtek Confocal Sensor (CCS): 3D high resolution profile area mapping
  • Camtek Light Interferometer profiles (CLIP)

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