Mark III – Measurement Analysis Software

The FRT Mark III analysis software is a comprehensive package for the processing, evaluation, and presentation of your 2D or 3D measurements. Latest standards like roughness and waviness calculation as well as many processing and filtering functions are implemented. Choose from a wide range of options, such as roughness, flatness, step height, layer thickness and many more, to select the analysis functions suitable for your application. Present your results in 3D, as profile view or top view and design your own measurement reports. This user-friendly software also has a wide range of import and export functions and can automatically perform several processing and evaluation steps on your measurement series.

Analysis software for evaluation of surface and profile measurements

  • Evaluation of SPM data and other numerous import formats
  • Determination of surface parameters according to international standards and guidelines (DIN EN ISO, SEMI, etc.)
  • Various display options, e.g. 3D view, histogram, material fraction, autocorrelation
  • Analysis of particles, pores and angles
  • Extensive filter and modification functions
  • Extraction of linear and curved profiles from area measurements
  • Export of graphics, PDF measurement reports and other export formats
  • Individually designable measurement protocol layouts
  •  Free updates

Roughness, waviness according to international standards and guidelines

  • Filtering and evaluation of profile and surface parameters according to DIN EN ISO 4287 and DIN EN ISO 25178
  • Determination of waviness according to SEP 1941
  • individual settings of all evaluation parameters possible

3D view

  • various shading methods
  • freely selectable view and scaling
  • large selection of color tables and user-defined colors
  • 3D stereo display


  • Comprehensive package for the processing, evaluation, and visualization of 2D or 3D measurements
  • Implementing many processing and filtering functions
  • User friendly software with a wide range of import and export functions



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