MicroProf® PT

The FRT MicroProf® PT is a fully automated tool for hybrid metrology applications for all common panel sizes. Its panel handling system with 2 panel loaders and multi-sensor setup (including topography point sensors, FoV sensors and film thickness sensors) is perfectly suited in metrology and inspection applications, both for development and production (from lab to fab).

For its main metrology component, the new MicroProf PT is used in Advanced Packaging on panel level, establishing industrial suitability for mass production as well as extreme miniaturization and rising system requirements at reduced production costs.

The MicroProf PT is equipped with SurfaceSens technology, providing wide range of metrology and inspection applications and measuring principles, carried out by various optical sensor types, such as high-precision measurement of bump and TSV shape, thickness and layer roughness and other 2D and 3D parameters.


  • Full automation with two loaders for panel FOUPs
  • Ability to handle panels up to 600mm x 600mm
  • SurfaceSense™ multi-sensor technology including topography point sensors, FoV and film thickness sensors
  • Automation of measurements and hybrid software evaluation to evaluate highly complex structures with modular recipe based FRT Acquire Automation XT software
  • Metrology and Inspection applications flexibly combined in one fully automated platform for development and production (from fab to lab)
  • Wide range of handling capabilities for different panel thicknesses – from a few mm to 200µm
  • Support for all substrate materials, including glass
  • Complete production floor integration with SEC/GEM interface protocols


MicroProf® AP

Flexible multi-sensor metrology tool for advanced packaging

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