FRT surface metrology tools are used for production, development, and quality control. Based on the design and construction of these multi-sensor devices, these tools can be used for a wide range of wafer and non-wafer applications.

Fully Automated Wafer Metrology

The standard fully automated wafer metrology tools combine the capabilities of the worldwide established 300 mm metrology station, with a wafer handling system within an Equipment Front End Module (EFEM)

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Semi-automated with MHU

The metrology tool with material handling unit (fully automated handling, manual cassette placement) is developed especially for the semiconductor, MEMS, sapphire, and LED industries.

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Manual Metrology

High-precision optical surface metrology tools for the characterization of various functional and/or technical surfaces - fast, efficient, non-destructive. Maximum flexibility is provided by the multi-sensor technology, developed by FRT Metrology.

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Software & Technology

Multi-sensor concept combined with in-house software

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