Camtek launches Xact200 and receives first PO from a leading Semiconductor player

Xact200 is Camtek’s revolutionary samplepreparation system

MIGDALHAEMEK, Israel – January 5, 2012 – Camtek Ltd. (NASDAQ and TASE: CAMT) (“Camtek”)announced today the first sale of its newly launched Xact200: the secondgeneration of its revolutionary TEM/STEM sample preparation system for theSemiconductor industry. The purchase order was from a leading semiconductorcompany in Asia.

Shrinkingfeature dimensions and advances in material complexity require a scale ofanalysis only possible through Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM)processes. The Xact200 performs cutting-edge TEM sample preparation bringing aninnovative and significant advantage to customers that are currently usingtraditional Focused Ion Beam (FIB) technology. The Xact200 enables samplepreparation for the 2X node and even the 1X node achieving a very high successrate.

“The Xact200 is an additional step in ourpenetration into the sample preparation market. In only a few weeks since itsrelease, we have already seen strong demand and this initial PO symbolizes thepotential of this product line,” commented Roy Porat, Camtek’s CEO. “In 2011,this business made a solid contribution to our top line and we believe that thenew Xact200 will allow us to grow this business even further".



Camtek Ltd. provides automated and technologically advancedsolutions dedicated to enhancing production processes and increasing yield, forthe Semiconductor and Printed Circuit Board (PCB) & IC Substratesindustries.


Camtekaddresses the specific needs of these interconnected industries with dedicatedsolutions based on a wide and advanced platform of technologies includingintelligent imaging, image processing, adaptive ion milling (AIM) and digitalmaterial deposition (DMD). Camtek’s solutions range from micro-to-nano byapplying its technologies to the industries’ specific requirements.

This press release may contain forward-looking[state]ments regarding future events or the future performance of Camtek. These[state]ments are only predictions and may change as time passes. We do not assumeany obligation to update that information. Actual events or results may differmaterially from those projected, including as a result of changing industry andmarket trends, reduced demand for our products, the timely development of ournew products and their adoption by the market, increased competition in theindustry, intellectual property litigation, price reductions as well as due torisks identified in the documents filed by Camtek with the SEC.


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