Camtek Plans to Aggressively Pursue Post Judgment Motions and an Appeal

MIGDAL HA’EMEK, Israel, August 31, 2009 – Camtek Ltd. (Nasdaq: CAMT; TASE: CAMT) reported today that the
Court entered  a judgment  in favor of Rudolph Technologies, Inc. in Rudolph’s patent infringement case against Camtek, which is pending in the U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  The Court entered judgment based on the jury’s March 5, 2009 verdict that the Falcon optical inspection system infringed the plaintiff’s U.S. patent.  The jury did not, however, find willful infringement as sought by the Plaintiffs.   The verdict awarded damages of approximately $6.8 million with regard to sales of Camtek’s Falcon products in the United [state]s and pre-judgment interest of approximately $1.2 million was awarded by the Court. The Court also ruled that the plaintiff is entitled to an accounting for Falcon sales in the United [state]s since September 2008, plus post-judgment interest.
The Court also entered a permanent injunction in connection with US related sales, according to which Camtek is prohibited from making, using, selling or offering to sell Falcon systems in the United [state]s until the expiration of plaintiff’s patent.  Service and repair of machines sold prior to the jury verdict will be permitted to keep the systems in original operating condition.  The injunction relates to Camtek’s US activities only.  Camtek estimates that the injunction will not materially affect its level of overall sales.

The entry of judgment was the next step in the litigation, which will now proceed with post-judgment briefing.  Camtek intends to aggressively pursue post judgment motions and an appeal of this judgment, including relief from the injunction

“Although we are disappointed by the judgment in this case, we continue to believe that our Falcon products do not infringe on Rudolph’s patent and that the patent itself is invalid”, said Rafi Amit, Camtek’s CEO. “We expect to continue to aggressively defend Camtek’s rights and believe that we will be successful in overcoming this unjust judgment.  We want to assure our U.S. customers that we will continue to service and support the Falcon products that they have purchased.”

With headquarters in Migdal Ha’Emek Israel, Camtek Ltd., designs, develops, manufactures, and markets automatic optical inspection systems and related products. Camtek’s automatic inspection systems are used to enhance both production processes and yield for manufacturers in the printed circuit board industry, the high density interconnect substrate industry and the semiconductor manufacturing and packaging industry. This press release is available at

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